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As Partners, Attorneys and Paraprofessionals, we at Katzman Chandler strive to provide excellence and expertise in the area of Community Association Law, and our Name Partners have successfully done so for more than three decades.

In practice, owners of units in blacklisted communities seeking to refinance or a potential buyer seeking to obtain a mortgage on a unit would not be able to borrow from traditional banks or lenders that seek to sell the mortgages on the secondary market, forcing them to opt for cash deals or to find a local lender that would hold and service the mortgage.

Allcock & Marcus is the next generation of condominium lawyers. Our next-generation approach transcends the mere practice of law. We are influencers in the public arena and educators in the classroom.

Even when we are not, we will influence and educate on your behalf. We are the next generation of condominium lawyers and New England’s most extensive and complete condominium law firm.

Expert Team Members

Edmund Allcock

Edmund Allcock

Managing Partner

Edmund Allcock is a founding member of the Firm and leader of its Litigation Department. Ed is widely regarded as one of the premier condominium and real estate litigators and lawyers in New England having devoted 28 years to that practice.

Ed has the unique distinction of having argued multiple condominium related cases in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Supreme Courts, as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Whether it is construction defect, condominium phasing, statutory interpretation, zoning, adverse possession, insurance, title claims or easements rights, Ed is one of the “go to” condominium and real estate litigators in New England. Ed also provides general advice to condominium boards and developers, including the creation and amendment of condominium documents.

Mary Ann Chandler, Esq.

Managing Partner

In her extensive 11+ years of representing Community Associations, Mary Ann has forged strong connections with Boards of Directors, Community Association Managers, and other stakeholders. She has discovered that the most effective strategies and solutions stem from a genuine understanding of her clients and their unique circumstances. This insight has consistently led to successful outcomes and practical resolutions to various issues.

In essence, the unique blend of personal relationships, individual circumstances, and specific issues within each Community Association shapes its distinct needs and aspirations. Hence, Mary Ann firmly believe that to effectively cater to her clients’ requirements, it’s crucial to delve into their world and comprehend not just their objectives but also the underlying reasons behind them. By grasping the intricate details, circumstances, and motivations driving a Board to seek legal guidance, she can craft innovative solutions tailored to their needs, thereby ensuring successful outcomes.

Jake Marcus.


Jake is a graduate of Stonehill College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Jake then attended the University of Miami School of Law, graduating cum laude in 2017. He also received his Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Miami in 2016. During his tenure at the University of Miami School of Law, Jake was a member of the Society of Bar and Gavel and an Intern in the school’s Investor Rights Clinic.

In addition, he served as Articles and Comments Editor and Executive Editor for the Inter-American Law Review. Jake co-authored a Student Note, “Major League Baseball and the Cuban Influence: The Baseball Coalition Committee”, which was published in the Journal’s 47th volume. Jake also co-authored a two-part Article series related to College and High School student-athletes’ rights to compensation per Name, Image & Likeness (“NIL”) developments.

Leigh Katzman

Leigh C. Katzman, Esq.

Founding Partner

Over the past 25 years, Leigh has dedicated himself and devoted his law practice to providing the best possible legal representation to his Community Association clients by delivering insightful solutions and innovative strategies, along with high quality legal services, in the most cost effective manner possible.

Leigh has represented the legal interests of Community Associations with as few as 4 units, and as many as 23,000 homes. His law firm has handled more than 50,000 Community Association matters to conclusion, (with approximately 25,000 of those matters being Delinquent Account Collection, and the remainder being Transactional, Litigation, Arbitration, Construction Defect, and Casualty/Hurricane).

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